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Online Yoga


Looking for guided yoga classes from the best online teachers? We've curated. a list of courses for you, from absolute beginner classes to specialized themes like immunity, alignment and more. Click on the links below to find our online recorded courses.

Online Yoga

Beginners Yoga Course

Find out the must-do Asanas or Yoga Postures and how they work different muscle groups, learn the right ways to practice different Pranayams or Breathing Techniques, and focus your mind in Dhyana with some guided meditation in our three-part Beginners series

ABCs of Yoga Course

Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, the right alignment and breathwork are core to getting the maximum benefits from your practice and minimising your risk of injuries. Find more in our course on Alignment, Breath & Centering in Yoga.

Image by Sonnie Hiles

Kids Yoga Course

Creatively designed yoga classes that are imaginative, interactive, and keep the lil ones engaged! Inspire your 6 to 12 year olds with fun island adventures and ode to Mother Earth in our special Kids Yoga Classes. 

Yoga for Immunity

Did you know that yoga is scientifically proven to build cellular immunity? We've curated sequences from our 3-day Yoga for Immunity series to power up immune system and build resilience, both inside & out.

Image by Dane Wetton
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