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We make home-fitness fun, safe and motivating.

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Our Mission

Breathe Happy is on a mission to put care before healthcare. With a focus on preventative healthcare and wellbeing our AI solutions are tailored to your specific needs at home with just laptop or phones, and no other equipment.

Our Story

Three years ago Shiti, who lived in the UK, saw her grandmother, who lived in India, slowly become a shadow of herself before she eventually passed away. She battled obesity, type2 diabetes, arthritis and dementia. 


Shiti felt helpless at how little she could do remotely and shocked at how little there was for people of her grandmother’s age that they could use. Fuelled by the need to solve this, Breathe Happy was born with a mission to fill the gap in providing solutions for preventative healthcare in accessible, actionable and personalised ways. 


Shiti was joined in her mission by her cofounder Radhika, who nurtured communities in India and Africa before, and Simon, whose passion lies at the intersection of AI and Yoga. With their reputed experience behind them, they brought together expertise in business, communities and technology.

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