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Heart - Brain Coherence - Pay more attention NOW!

One of the reasons I was drawn to a yoga practice (apart from it's obvious weight loss benefits- hey I was young ok! ) was how at home I felt in my mind, in my emotions and in my body every single time i stepped onto the mat. Even today I can be in the midst of deep change (read upheaval), but when I step into my practice - all else ceases to exists. My fears, my insecurities, my anger - for those 60 something minutes, it's me and my breath - I do not even go to the mat with a sequence in my head - I do whatever my body feels like doing. 

I have also encountered that state of being during meditating - when i step away from all that is happening around me and step into the reality of my mind anchored in the rhythm of my breath. 

An author, I deeply trust and admire is Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you are looking to understand the human mind with the intention of making positive changes in your life, I suggest picking up any of Dr Joe's books - maybe start with Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - it is rooted in very sound scientific research, which is what i love about his writings. Follow that up with You are the Placebo. His meditations introduce a deep rhythm, that allow the body and the mind to feel more like a symphony and less of a cacophony. He describes a Heart-Brain Coherence in the below words:

It is no secret anymore that there exists a deep connection between the mind and the body. Different mental states can affect the immune system and therefore the body. Your emotions dictate the fuel your body lives on. Toxic or heavy emotions create a biochemistry of poor quality fuel for the body (blood filled with cortisol and adrenalin which feeds inflammation). Loving, peaceful, satisfied emotions create a Premium unleaded fuel source (full of oxytocin, seratonin, endorphins, etc) which acts like a magical elixir of youth to help the body HEAL.

Training emotional states is EXACTLY like training muscles at the gym. You just have to do the work and practice. Once you know how, it is relatively easy. If you want to start practicing meditation at home - join me for the next class by signing up here!

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