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"The Raw and Real" with Whitney George about what she learned from her difficult first pregnancy and how she turned her life around with her second one.

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Date: 5 May (Wednesday)

Time: 5 PM (UK) / 9 AM (PST)

Whitney will share her prenatal & postnatal journey, her story being a working mom and starting her own business and how to manage your own health on top of being moms, entrepreneurs, working, taking care of the house and home.


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Whitney is a mother of two, USC Alumni, Pilates Master Trainer, Wellness Coach & Mindset Queen. She have devoted the past 16 years of her life to helping women improve their mind, body, and soul, through fitness, nutrition, and inner mindset work.

Having recently become a mother she noticed how many things were missing for pre and postnatal life. So she created a supportive community of women with her mission and passion in life to truly help and empower women pre, postnatal, and beyond.

Whitney love working 1:1 with not only pre and postnatal women, but women in all aspects of life to help guide them to a bold and empowered life. Fitness and health have always been a part of her journey. She has been in dance the majority of my life and have always focused on maintaining a healthy body, not only mentally, but physically.

Catch Whitney Live:

Date: 5 May (Wednesday)

Time: 5 PM (UK) / 9 AM (PST)

Where: Instagram Live with @letsbreathehappy

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